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An asymmetrical Mbaliyezwe Atelier sequin and tassel midi dress. The day His Royal Highness, King Misuzulu kaZwelithini entered the Cattle Kraal and ascended the Zulu throne in 2022, he wore an outfit that inspired Mbaliyezwe to recreate as a dress with tassels, also paying homage to the traditional 'isidwaba' and 'isigege'. The result? A tassel midi dress inspired inspired by Zulu traditional beadwork 'isigege' [a beaded girdle worn by Zulu girls that have reached puberty and worn by older women over their 'isidwaba' skirt]. Only black and white were used, because the outfit was for a traditional Zulu wedding - white Zulu beads represent purity, faithfulness and true love, while black ones mean marriage and regeneration when used in a positive message.


The tassel rows were stitched in our studio and the beadwork around the hip area was done by hand. Named 'Inkosazana', because our founder, Mbaliyezwe's, maternal grandfather called her that from childhood.

'Inkosazana' Dress

SKU: MA-Inkosazana
R5 000,00Price
  • Available for custom made orders only. Please contact us on our Business WhatsApp.

  • Shipping is R129 in South Africa. Shipping takes 1 - 3 working days.

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