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Our Story

Mbaliyezwe is derived from the isiZulu word meaning, 'Flower of the Nation', and Atelier is rooted from the French word for a studio where a designer or artist works.


Together, Mbaliyezwe Atelier means a place where ideas bloom and are created to serve the inhabitants of the Nation - Africa and the world - bringing them joy and reminding them that everything blooms in its own time.

It is founder, Mbaliyezwe's aspiration that every Mbaliyezwe Atelier range and garment will gift each customer with the same joy as the breathtaking fragrance of the first blossoms of Spring, which provide her with nostalgic thoughts of her picturesque hometown in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, South Africa.

Mbaliyezwe Atelier.jpg
Mbaliyezwe Atelier.jpg

Professional Resume

June 2022 - September 2022

Durban Fashion Fair Mentorship Programme 2022

Mbaliyezwe Atelier founder and creative director, Mbaliyezwe Ndlela, was one of 25 fashion designers selected for the three month Durban Fashion Fair 2022 Mentorship Programme - where she was mentored by BET Made In Africa judge, Doctoral Candidate and CEO of Fezile Fashion Skills Academy, Fezile Mdletshe; along with her team. The Mbaliyezwe Atelier, four of five looks, debut range was showcased on Day 3 of the Durban Fashion Fair 2022, at the Inkosi Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre Complex.

Our Experience

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